The Precedent for a Hiatus

In the midst of grumpily re-writing the post that was partially consumed by the internets (Slow going because of my raaaage at losing something I was so diligent about saving), I received some bad news.

Last Thursday morning my grandmother passed away. Her funeral will be almost exactly a month from my grandfather’s.

So I am raw, and exhausted, and have to write another eulogy and I barely have the stamina to get up and go to work, let alone maintain anything.

There’s a crushing sense of sadness and regret, the last time I saw/spoke to her was my grandfather’s funeral and I regret that I didn’t call more often, and I regret that I threw away the steering wheel cover my grandparents bought me because even though it was six years old and gross/falling apart they can never buy me a new one. And Manbeast and I thought they were doing well enough that we decided to sit back and not add the stress of planning a wedding or wedding-like thing this year but we clearly blew that one. All my rational thoughts about death and my rational knowledge about their failing health is not making this easier.

I guess if we’re going to be completely honest, I’m not really handling any of this well. I have a good support system. BFF is always a solid rock of a human and Manbeast is making sure I’m supplementing my croutons (inexplicably the only thing I want to eat) with fluids and the occasional non-crouton.

So that said… I know I’ve gone long breaks without updating, I know I’m under no contracts or obligations or whatever… I know I don’t even have that many readers! But I need to shelve some things til I’m back up to par. I will try to finish rewriting my post, and I will complete a mandated review of the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion I received in my VoxBox after I try it out this weekend (my first foray into the sun since the wedding on the 20th), but that’s gonna be it for awhile. When I’m sitting around watching Netflix I’m not going to allow myself to think “but I should be blogging!!” because nope. I’m going on hiatus, or blog vacation, or whatever you want to call it. I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled inconsistency by September.

Stay cool, stay hydrated, stay moisturized.


Influenster Surf’s Up VoxBox Pre-Review

I signed up with a website called Influenster a few months ago because I like reviewing things and I like the prospect of free stuff. Influenster is like… reviews meet social media. You can link your accounts and gain points for intereacting on them and on the site. You also unlock badges that meet your interests. It’s been a fun way to kill some time during my lunch breaks, cuz god knows I’m getting nowhere with my grad school applications. The point of gaining points on Influenster is so that maybe you will get selected for their VoxBox program. No clue why it’s called a ‘vox box’ but they have assorted themes and get sent out to assorted members.

I was somehow selected for their “Surf’s Up!” Vox Box which is the most hilarious thing because I hate the beach (saltwater, sand, AND sun?? Yuck!). So, unlike everything else I’ve reviewed so far on this blog, the following products were supplied to me for free with the intent that I would review them.

Let’s see what I got, shall we?



Ok, so this is what the box looked like when it arrived. I doubt it’s Influenster’s fault though, as I have felt personally victimized by the USPS since we moved into this apartment. And they wonder why they’re losing out to private companies…

One of the products was a nail polish, and thank god that survived unscathed, because if THAT bottle had broken I probably would have had to toss the whole thing. It is also one of the only products I’ve tried so far. The company is Sinful Colors, and I was prepared to give them a really positive review but the slide for their “Chill Out” colors features some (albeit beautiful) discus fish, a freshwater fish from the Amazon, side-by-side with marine fish and that’s unforgivable because REALLY. You don’t mix salt and freshwater.

So now that I’m pissed off at their marketing team for being morons! I was sent the color “Sage Rose” and it’s a gorgeous kinda… shiny purple red, though driving home I noticed that certain light angles made it look like a matte purple (which is interesting, because it looks very shiny the rest of the time). Not one I would have picked out for myself (because they have blue) but in terms of formula it applies incredibly in one coat and then dries stupid fast. Nail polish is one of those things I like, but don’t wear a lot. If you like nail polish, this might be a brand worth checking out.

Ignore my awful manicure

Ignore my awful manicure

Next are two coupons for Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits. I enjoy a good smoothie, so I’m excited to check them out. The one coupon is ripped so hopefully it will be accepted (fortunately the free one is not ripped). I can’t see myself being lazy enough to rely on regularly purchasing smoothie kits as opposed to making my own (I say that now…)




In real time, I am still yelling about those discus fish.

I was super excited to get some after sun lotion from Hawaiian Tropic. Fortunately they sent me two small containers, because one of them was punctured. I’m incredibly pale, have an alarming photo-sensitivity, try avoid going outside, burn to a crisp in a wicked fast amount of time, and don’t tan. I could have used this on the sun poisoning I had after the 15 minute outdoor wedding ceremony I attended Saturday. Alas, it will just have to wait til the fourth to be reviewed, but if it in any way soothes my inevitably scorched flesh I will love it.

Sad leaky tube

Sad leaky tube


The product I am most concerned to try is First Aid Shot Therapy, which appears to be a liquid painkiller? I haven’t been in pain at all since I took my 8am Advil today, but I’m sure my chance will roll around. I’m concerned because I’ve had bad reactions to painkillers in the past and can pretty much only take ibuprofen, although this doesn’t seem to contain any active ingredients that are too risky to me. I won’t test this product until I’m A) In pain so I’ll know if it’s working and B) camped out at home, knowing I won’t be anywhere risky if I start projectile vomiting or forget where I am (fun with Tylenol…).

Even if "shot" is a pun it makes me nervous

Even if “shot” is a pun it makes me nervous

The last item in the box came down to chance. I knew it would be one of two products: A Covergirl mascara I can’t even be bothered to link to (laugh with me friends) or a shampoo product.

The good news is I got Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Shampoo and Conditioner instead of a terrifying poke stick!

Conditioner and Shampoo, minus the one that exploded

Conditioner and Shampoo, minus the one that exploded

The bad news is, one of the shampoos was the only complete causality of that box travesty. A few of the other ones leaked. I have enough left that I think I can get more than one use out of it, though so far I’m… ‘eh, meh.’ I was by no means expecting it to actually give my stick straight hair “beachy, windswept waves.” It did clean my hair, it didn’t leave my hair feeling unbearably weighed down and greasy, however it was greasier by the end of the day and it felt stiffer and more tangled than usual. Better than mascara, not something I’d buy on my own!

This is about how my hair looks with or without beachy shampoo

This is about how my hair looks with or without beachy shampoo

We’ll see if the other products end up being exciting enough to get reviewed here as I use them!  As it stands I must go against my better judgement and do some social media promo in weird and contrived ways, but ya know, sometimes you gotta sell your soul for some free stuff.


If you’re interested in signing up for Influenster, I will happily supply you with invites. Simply comment with the email address you want it sent to. I screen all my comments for spam and will not publish any comments with email addresses.


Technical Difficulties

If you saw the Mary Kay post I had on the first page… For some reason, despite knowing that I diligently saved the drafts as I was working on it, only half the post was published. So that will be pulled until further notice while I figure out where the rest of it went (and hopefully don’t have to rewrite the whole thing!)


In superb news, this post was featured on the Aromaleigh Facebook page! Woohoo! I feel fancy. I also notice that I used the wrong “there” at least once. Le sigh. This is why you should edit/proofread a lot more than I do.


And as a random point of info I take all the pictures with my silly little Samsung Galaxy phone, so I think they turn out pretty good, considering.


(Awe, this gets the be the post that marks #50. How anticlimactic)

Irreverent Reviews: Mary Kay

(This review was originally supposed to go live the same day I found out Aromaleigh had linked to my blog! I pulled it almost immediately when I realize that, despite actually being diligent about saving, WordPress had eaten most of the post. It’s  been hiding in private while I drew up the willpower to refinish it. Very little has changed since the initial posting, certainly my feelings about Mary Kay haven’t! I’m re-posting this so interested parties can see the whole thing in it’s completion)

Lest you think I love everything I try… ugh. So sometime in the recent past a friend from HS who became a Mary Kay consultant out of nowhere. Around the time that started I was working at the grocery store and lashing my hand probably a hundred times a day… which might be a low estimate. I made a Facebook post about how November was causing my hands to freak out and said friend to schill for satin hands. Despite my better judgement (They sell in the Chinese market which requires animal testing) I took up the free sample offer and then apparently I was good enough to be contacted because we had a Skype consultation. I ended up buying the set because I did like it and was desperate to fix my hands. Turns out I had eczema so the only effective treatment was a steroid cream and quitting that damn job. Getting out of food service completely cleared up my problem. But that is ultimately neither here nor there in the grand scheme of this review. The satin hands lotion itself is… it’s not a bad lotion, but it is not some absolutely phenomenal life changing lotion. I would say it’s pretty on par with most of the other decent hand creams I’ve used. it doesn’t leave them feeling greasy but I do find I have to reapply a lot, which is honestly most lotions for me. The rest of the set is a nice exfoliater/or (spellcheck says neither is a word, but spellcheck also does not recognize itself as a word) for your hands and a tacky conditioning cream. I like the exfoliant, and combined with the conditioning cream it does make my hands softer and smoother. You must be careful though, the cream only comes off with the exfoliant, so where you put the cream you must exfoliate also! I’ve gotten out of the shower with tacky, greasy spots on my wrists from where I didn’t get the scrub, and that feels gross. I would probably buy the set again if I ran out in the winter or something. I’ve also heard good things about the satin lips scrub though I haven’t used it. The other face-care samples I tried left me feeling a little bit oily but I used them during the skype call and not like… right in the shower. The cost for a face-care product would be worth it if I knew that I would ONLY have to rely on that product to achieve balance on my “so dry it’s oily” face, but given that my entire adult life has been about frequently switching products before my face can develop a resistance to the formula… I dunno. Experimenting could be really uncomfortable for me financially and facefully. A few months later I entered a contest she hosted on her Facebook page, asking people to rank their personal preference to red lipstick. I gave red a 3 because i feel like it’s so hard to apply well and always draws attention to any and all application flaws (this was before I had tried Besame’s red velvet).

Lucky me, I won that drawing and got to select my choice of lipstick. I opted for the Creme Lipstick in Amber Suede. They also feature(d) a color called ‘Downtown Brown’ which is the worst name for a makeup color in the history of forever, unless there’s actually a color out there named “shitstorm” or “anal.” The website appears to be telling me that the creme lipsticks are discontinued. Perhaps that is why the color I received sucked so much. Well, the color didn’t. “Amber Suede” is one of the most incredible lipstick colors I’ve used (you can see it swatched in this post). Forget the “four hours and a meal” test, this lipstick did not last drinking a small cup of coffee during a one hour car ride… on an exfoliated and primed lip! That, to me, is completely unacceptable. Had I paid, I would have demanded my money back. Also, this lipstick is incredibly drying, to the point of being unwearable. In the event that that event was a fluke I broke it out for a few other occasions only to experience the same drying, non-lasting results. I can only hope that is why they no longer have the product and that they are working to improve the formula, because an established makeup company should not be charging money for a formula that unusable.

Fortunately I found a close color comparison in Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Raise the Bar. The formula isn’t as incredible as Besame, but it’s still good.

That and the constant promotion and posting, the fact that my friend no longer seemed to care or want to communicate outside of MK were enough to turn me off the whole company. Besides, when it comes to makeup I’ve been getting better products for better prices with better options from indie companies. The she announced she was trying to selling a grand worth of product in one day. This person is still a friend, and despite my feelings about Mary Kay product I do want to see her succeed! Besides, at this point I had been inspired by the eyeliner in this blog post. Look at that amazing blue color! Blue is my favorite color, I just had to have it! So I shelled out my actual money for some Mary Kay at Play “fluid” liner in Blue My Mind. The color payoff here is, once again, fantastic. The formula is crap. Putting a simple line on my lids makes them feel like they are weighted down with face paint, and the stuff NEVER drives. It took multiple tries and multplie minutes of me flapping my hands by my closed lids to reach a point where I could open my eyes and not destroy the liner. Even then, it was wet enough that one swipe of my finger over the primed liner completely removed it.

I was so bummed, I want fabulous blue liquid liner! I know I spoiled myself by going from “only pencils” to “Kat Von D” because her tattoo liner in Tropper seriously stays on my (primed) lid like it’s a stylish part of my skin, but Sephora tells me that only comes in black, because apparently I’m not allowed to have nice things. Inspired by Brightest Bulb in the Box I picked up some NYX Studio Liquid Liner (in Sapphire) the next time I was in proximity to an Ulta. Color wise I should have gone for the Extreme Blue, but Sapphire is still a very nice color. It is a little tricky to apply but despite Robyn’s warnings and myself not being a liquid liner expert I got a very good application. It has the same consistency as the Mary Kay liner when applied BUT this one dries much faster and has a similar life expectancy to the Kat Von D liner when used on a primed lid. Even on an unprimed lid it stays better than the Mary Kay liner.

So why pay Mary Kay prices? Other than to help out a consultant friend I really don’t know why I’d over pay for shoddy quality. And as much as I do try and support friends, everything I’ve seen from Mary Kay leads me to believe that the course of action is to shut off your social skills and just inundate, inundate, inundate. It’s not a good look, for anyone.

In an attempt to recruit me (not sure if it’s because I like makeup or because I’m a warm body with lady bits), I listened to a recorded message from someone higher up the Mary Kay totem pole, and she spoke about how she was harassed with phone calls after attended the party, and told the woman she didn’t want to “be annoying.” When the woman asked if the woman on the recording thought her contact was annoying, it was concluded that no, frequent unsolicited calls are totally fine. I also spoke with my friend’s recruiter, who seemed very eager to find loopholes in my life and ways to make my current, awesome, non-pyramid scheme of a job seem less awesome. This was immediately after the move, I wasn’t thinking straight at all and I knew that. I mentioned that I had too much on my plate and was given a coy “well there’s never a perfect time!” Yeah, there are a lot of less bad times though. Ultimately I do not want to be a consultant, I do not even want to continue being a customer because I find the company lackluster and abrasive. I leave you with these two links to forum-esque places of mediocre quality which discuss Mary Kay and way the company operates:

Pink Truth

Pink Lighthouse

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ooof. I was doing so well for awhile! My life picks up some speed again this following week, for better or worse.

It’s summer every day in the forecast now and I hate it. Can I move back to the PNW? What, I like my job too much? Ok.

My job is letting me play with old books (like 1800s old) and it’s THE BEST I love it. So much fun.

Tomorrow I start one of those boot camps exercise thingys in my attempt to be a little less squishy. I am nervous because I AM a very squishy person and I don’t like being yelled at so this could end horribly. It’s through my work though so I’m hoping it’s full of like… middle-aged secretaries and not fitness freaks. I like being in the same boat as everyone else. I’ve been trying to take a Monday barre class, but life keeps getting in the way of that. Two Mondays were missed so I could deal with my grandfather’s death and then this past week our instructor had a sick kid so I’ve missed 3 out of 3 classes. We’ll see what next week holds. I’m not trying to get “bikini ready” or anything, so hopefully my low fitness expectations can be met.

I’ll be baking my first wedding cake tonight or tomorrow for Best Friend’s wedding on SATURDAY! And that of course necessitates going out of town. When I return I plan to do a post unpacking the two weddings I’ve been to. In a kind way, not a Four Weddings way. Like… I guess depending on how it all turns out it could be considered a review but I’m planning to deconstruct things more in the way that they relate to me as someone who is “pre-engaged” and doing some super half-assed wedding planning of my own.

The weekend after that, we’ll be visiting some of Manbeast’s family that have made it up from the south. This will be the first time I’ll have the chance to meet any of his dad’s extended family. I would be nervous but after four years I think my “in” with these people is pretty solidified. (And yeah, totally lucked out on the “pre-future in-laws” gambit)

The weekend after that… fourth of July! It’ll be my first time attending a 4th party/being excited about a 4th party possibly in forever. Also I hate fireworks. It makes this holiday difficult.

I’ve been going through the archives of some favored beauty bloggers looking for more indie companies to check out because I love supporting the little guy and there is SO MUCH out there that’s amazing and the prices and quality have, so far, turned out to be better to or equal than the big name stuff, at least regarding eyeshadows. I have a soap order coming from Etsy shop One Hand Washes the Other and am looking at other popular/well reviewed companies like Darling Girl, My Pretty Zombie, Fyrinnae, and Alchimia Apothecary. Darling Girl has a lot of incredible looking things but many are discontinued for the time being, so I followed them on Facebook to hopefully stay updated on their situation. They and Alchimia Apothecary have “blogger sample packs” which are soooo tempting to me… we’ll see. I mean, I want to try their stuff, I’d probably blog about it, why not get a good sample deal, especially on some of the stuff I might not try for myself, like Alchimia’s perfumes? Fyrinnae are the makers of the Pixie Apoxy, which is sounds like some sort of eyeshadow Holy Grail (I would link to the product but their site is down for maintenance).

Got an email from Ulta about a four hour sale that gets you a free 4-piece Bare Minerals set with any $50 purchase. I don’t know yet if I’ll be taking advantage of it BUT I’m super stoked to see that Bare Minerals is bringing back their tutorial kits! I bought the “Smoky V” kit back during college and it was awesome. I really want to try the eyeliner kit! These tend to be pretty good deals, so I’d recommend checking the three options out.

I’ve got a brand review started in my drafts so hopefully I can get that finished and posted before jetting off this weekend, and don’t worry, I’ll share some cake pictures!

Irreverent Reviews: Aromaleigh and Besame

So right now I’m excited to talk about two new companies I’ve recently tried and loved. The first is indie eyeshadow brand Aromaleigh and the second is lipstick company Besame (bet you didn’t see that coming from the post title). Let’s talk about Besame first because that section will be shorter and has no pictures!

I found out about Besame through a post on Brightest Bulb in the Box and decided to check it out. Besame has a limited line of products, and as someone of doesn’t use rouge or mascara a lot of their stuff is just Not of Interest to me. But oh my, their lipsticks. They have sampler packs that contain 9 samples each of two different colors and I decided to get two since I could get free two-day shipping with my accidental prime membership that I am trying to make count. I chose the Champagne and Chocolate Kiss and the Red Hot Red and Red Velvet samplers. These are products that I cannot wait to go back and purchase in full size. Chocolate Kiss is a brown color that I didn’t really care for, but truth in advertising it looks like you rubbed a chocolate bar on your lips. Champagne is one of the Must Have colors for me. On my lips it gave the faintest of shimmers and really looked more like a gloss than a stick but it looked amazing with none of the gross feeling a gloss has. Red Hot Red might be too… red hot for me. I have issues with red lipsticks because even though they are fun I feel like I don’t have the application precision to wear them. So while Red Hot Red might be too bright, Red Velvet is perfection and I must buy it and make it my go-to bright red. It’s a more subdued color than the Red Hot and it looks fabulous. Even from the samples I can tell how amazing and creamy their formulas are. The lipsticks have great lasting power, don’t dry out your lips and actually provide full, all-over coverage, even to that tricky part where the top of your bottom lip meets your top lip. One coat on my un-primed lips and lipstick stayed there. It was like magic. There is one sampler I did not try, Dusty Rose and Exotic Pink, because I wasn’t sure the colors would look good on me, but now that I am so sold on the formula I want to check them out.

My Best Friend got me a giftcard to Aromaleigh for my birthday because she knows that I am a Fannibal and wanted to try out their Hannibal-inspired “This is My Design” collection. It is on sale this week and maybe I need to go and buy the full-sizes of all many of the colors… So what I did do was get a TON of samples of different colors to play with and love. I swatched all of them and will be listing the names but mostly discussing the eyeshadows as a whole and not giving individual links because I am a lazy creature. (All shadows were done over Bare Minerals lid primer)

Colors: 1. Drama blue, 2. Drama Teal, 3. Nadalina, 4. Giuliana, 5. Lucia, 6. Amalia, 7. Giacinta, 8. Catterina, 9. Vittoria

Colors: 1. Drama blue, 2. Drama Teal, 3. Nadalina, 4. Giuliana, 5. Lucia, 6. Amalia, 7. Giacinta, 8. Catterina, 9. Vittoria

Set one includes colors from the Pure Drama collection, and the Chiara line.

Colors: 1. Nanette, 2. Tanaquil, 3. Severina, 4. Celeste, 5. Isadora, 6. Murder Tie, 7. Antler Velvet, 8. Sublime, 9. Tattler, 10. Ravenstag, 11. Foile a Deux

Colors: 1. Nanette, 2. Tanaquil, 3. Severina, 4. Celeste, 5. Isadora, 6. Murder Tie, 7. Antler Velvet, 8. Sublime, 9. Tattler, 10. Ravenstag, 11. Foile a Deux

Set two contains colors from the Pure Eye Lustre line and the This is My Design line.

Colors: 1. Ddraig Goch, 2. Aether, 3. Walpurgisnacht, 4. The Wrong Alice, 5. Tefnut, 6. Nut, 7. Chantal, 8. Hellebore, 9. Marguerite

Colors: 1. Ddraig Goch, 2. Aether, 3. Walpurgisnacht, 4. The Wrong Alice, 5. Tefnut, 6. Nut, 7. Chantal, 8. Hellebore, 9. Marguerite

(Marguerite isn’t showing up well but it’s there!) So this set contains colors from the Serpens collection (of which I also bought a full size Damballah which I forgot to swatch but it is the most incredible color and I adore it), the Alchemie collection, the Ancient Magick line, the Bete Noire line,  the Bloom line, and some of the special editions/colors of the months.

I love the formulas, the colors, the way it wears, everything. I am planning to go back and order some more full-sized shadows. Especially Hellebore, I know it looks kinda light in the picture but sweet baby seals it is perfection in an eyeshadow and pairs wonderfully with Damballah and Vittoria. I am positively in love with this company and not just for the Hannibal gimmick.

“But wait,” you might say, “What about that other indie makeup company you shill for, Shiro? How does it compare?” well, as you may remember from my previous review, I simply adore Shiro, and their are some similarities between Shiro and Aromaleigh. Both allow for user-selected Colors of the Month, both have Hunger Games inspired collections, both offer generous samples and options for the vegan and cruelty-free consumer and both make amazing eyeshadows. I don’t think you could replace one with the other. When I received my Aromaleigh order I immediately dumped the sample bags out next to my Shiro ones and looked for similar colors. Their weren’t any. I think you can spread your money between both companies and receive unique, quality products from both. It is worth checking out both of them, especially since Aromaleigh is moving and revamping and Shiro is now carrying fellow Indie company Detrivore.

So I can safely recommend all of these companies to you, dear readers, because they all make quality products and hey, you’re helping the little guy and not a giant corporation! Awesome! Coming up next I’ll discuss some stuff that makes me UNhappy, but in the meantime check out Besame and Aromaleigh (and Shiro)

The Makeup Manifesto

You know, it feels a little vapid posting about makeup. I didn’t intend this to be a beauty blog, more of an “everything” blog. I’m sure it will come around as I work through topics.

Makeup is a fun hobby for me. There seems to be a fair amount of backlash against wearing it right now, at least in my circle of Facebook. I’ve seen a lot of “why do pretty girls wear makeup?” and “Why should I cover up the beauty God gave me?” and my favorite “The industry is such a racket, women don’t need twenty different choices for mascara!” I mean, I’m LITERALLY AFRAID of mascara because of that one time it wounded me and I know that different people have different needs and preferences.

Here’s the thing, I’ve noticed a narrative my whole life: You can care about being smart or you can care about how you look. Pick one, A or B. No one ever told me I could have both. I was praised for not be ‘vapid’ and ‘shallow,’ for having interests like reading. When I expressed interests in fashion trends, or eyeshadows (Sweet baby seals do I love eyeshadow) I was met with faux concern. I wasn’t like “those girls” I was smart and different and didn’t I want to be smart and different?

Now that I am older and wiser I can unabashedly say: Fuck. That. Shit.

I will wear thigh high boots and a fancy dress and I will do my makeup and spend time on pinterest and I will do everything in my poor, poor power to look like a fashion spread and I will read Ulysses and Vonnegut and House of Leaves and I will get my MLIS and if you think that doing one of those things precludes the other than you can go shove a mascara wand in your eye (no seriously, I hate them, they scare me, I thought I was going to go blind).

I am not “too smart” to care about how I look and to have fun with it. I have my physical insecurities but I don’t think for a second that I am covering them with makeup, I am HAVING FUN expressing myself (and my unholy love of the color blue) in a way that is easy to change. Look, I’d dye my hair a different color daily if I thought it could take it. I like change and being an individual and blahblahblah. Makeup and clothes are an easy way to say “yo, I have a personality that fluctuates!” I have interests that many consider intellectual and they balance out my other “superficial” interests nicely. I am a complete, multi-faceted person. No one has to care about makeup/fashion/their appearance in general. Telling me I’m too smart to put on some lipstick is just as detrimental as the Industry telling us we need anti-aging foundation.

Pretty girls wear makeup cuz they like it. You don’t have to cover up what you have naturally but it sure can be fun sometimes! Mascara is right up there with owls and horses on the terrifying list so let’s pretend we’re talking about something else… Lipstick! Why do I need a bajillion choices? Some colors are better, some formulas work better on my lips! I can’t just one-size-fits-all-it!

If you come over on a Saturday I will be vacuuming in a dress and heels with a full face of expertly crafted makeup, usually in a couture-inspired style I’m too insecure to wear in public. I’ll sit down and do some reading, some fiction writing, maybe craft a blog post. I’ll debate something with someone at some point. And I will not be less of a person for any of it.

I will be smart and I will care about my appearance and if you think that makes me less than anyone else… well, here’s a mascara wand and it’s gonna hurt.


A link to my favorite beauty blogger and all her sciencey smarts