The Great Makeup Cull: 2.2 Eyeliner

All I really want right now is some time to be sedentary and not constantly embarking on hour plus obligation trips. I want a lazy day sleeping in late with my man and my cat, and I want to be able to devote more time to my fiction without feeling like I’m neglecting “real life” things. Things like the current grad school applications I am floundering to fill out (I will get into library school, I will!). Anywhoodles we’ve got two more parts to go in my makeup cull series, I should have some new fancies arriving soon, and I don’t want this to turn into a strictly beauty blog and I’ve got posts I want to do about Modelland, my new job, some games I’ve been playing, I’ve got some shit to muse over from Game of Thrones, and weddings..

Eyeliner and I have a complicated relationship. Makeup in general and I have a complicated relationship and that’s something I’d like to explore in another post too. Eyeliner was something I wanted when I saw it on other people. It looked great so frequently! But when I tried it on I kinda looked a little like Gerard from My Chemical Romance during the Revenge era and while his use of eyeliner made my little teen heart pitter-patter it did not translate well onto me. I was also always frustrated with my inability to get it off my face following the rare wearings (relevant and worth noting: I did theater, so I wore a lot of makeup in the context of a stage). It was finally in college I decided to give eyeliner another go and decided I could make it work. Shortly after that discovery I read an article in Cosmo talking about the trend of colored eyeliner and that just thrilled me to no end so I rushed right out and bought some Rimmel London eyeliner in “jungle green.” I still have it, still wear it, it swatches like this:


Then, I bought this blue eyeliner from CoverGirl (it’s discontinued whatever it is)


Because blue is my favorite color but it didn’t work. Like there’s no swatch because it never left any color behind. So I did the obvious thing and stuffed it in my makeup bag and forgot about it until now when I FINALLY threw it in the trash.

At the same time, I bought some loose kohl eyeliner in a burgundy (?) color from L’Oreal Paris and that’s another one I still have and absolutely adore the look it gives me (even though it also seems to be discontinued), however it is terrifyingly easy to get the pigment on your eyeball, and then you just have to watch it float there.ImageSo we are at the point in my timeline where I move to Korea, and we all know some of my favorite products were discovered in Korea. one of the first things I discovered were gel eyeliners (which I hadn’t heard anything about in the states at that point, though now obviously they are everywhere). I immediately bought a deep deep black and a navy blue from Nature Republic. Despite loving them I didn’t use them very frequently out of fear I wouldn’t be able to replace them, and alas the black dried out without even being half used =( the blue however is still fine and I’ve been making more of a point to use it frequently. ImageNature Republic also supplied me with an excellent black stick liner (that I used up, and I promise I didn’t keep the empty tube!) and a nice twist up brown stick. Still have the brown even though it’s four years old because I have a problem.

I have two other liners from Korea, a sparkly gold and sparkly blue. The blue is from Etude House and is appropriately called a jewelry pencil (I believe it was from a line done in conjunction with KPop group 2NE1). It swatches decent but barely shows up on my actual lids. I kept it to play around with more

. ImageThe other eyeliner is from a store who’s name I never really learned, but it was like a Korean equivalent of Ulta/Sephora. The gold really doesn’t show up at all on my eyes but it’s a barely used liner stick! I really need to bite the bullet on some of these and just get rid of them


If you were paying close attention you probably noticed I no longer have any black eyeliner. No pictures or swatches for these ones, but two new acquisitions have been made. You may remember me mentioning the Try It kit from my beloved Smashbox. That came with a sample size of their Limitless eyeliner in Onyx. It of course applies fantastically and has a great color and blahblah I’m a documented Smashbox fangirl and no one can take that away from me. It’s an awfully smudgy eyeliner though… perhaps a little too smudgy. My quest to perfect the winged eyeliner lead me to the liquid eyeliner section of Sephora recently, a place I have never dared venture before. I ended up with Kat Von D’s,over Stila’s because the brush tip felt like a safer choice than the felt tip. It seems to be a nice liquid liner. I haven’t really worn it yet, just played around in the comfort of my own apartment, but it looks and feels pretty good so I’m optimistic. I haven’t bought it yet (and I probably shouldn’t because I’m poor) but I’m lusting after this blue Mary Kay at Play liner despite some feelings about Mary Kay I’ll get to in the lipstick post (The “have to have it” feeling came after seeing it in this post by another blogger). I love eyeliners a lot, and I’m more than a little amused that this was the area I’ve had the most success culling, even if there are some I really need to stop clinging to. 



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