Mini Irreverent Reviews: LORAC Porefection Mattifying Primer

Today I was supposed to drive to NY and attend my Very Best Friend’s bridal shower. I got up early with a raging headache, crawled to the shower, shaved my legs, removed from the shower feeling a little bit better, put on my fancy Raspberry Iced Tea dress, smeared some of my sample LORAC Porefection (haha) mattifying face primer. Then the headache came back with full force, I hit the deck dry heaving, and I’ve been laid up in bed all day sipping gingerale, popping advil (so much advil) and keeping my eyes closed. Now I’m finally feeling like I could go outside and explore the world and it’s 5pm. I’m still in my dress.

So why am I reviewing this stuff? I didn’t get to wear it outside, I only got about half my face actually covered in foundation before I realized ‘being a supportive friend’ was a lost cause.

Well, I received a sample in my last ulta ordered and before I knew today was a bust I’d figured I’d try it.

When it squeezed out of the pouch it was weird and gooey and I was very nervous about rubbing it on my (super oily) face. There was also a ton in that little pouch, so perhaps I’ll get the chance to try it again because my face simply did not have enough area to use it all up.

It rubbed on very well, what little of it got makeup applied seemed to take it well (wooo Face Shop Oil Cut). The reason I’m so impressed is because I went back to bed. And sure, a lot of that time was just lying awake with my eyes closed moaning that I’d feel better any second, but I tend to sweat in my sleep, especially when I nap. My face still feels fresh and oil free, like I just applied the stuff. At $32 dollars for 1.7 ounces it’s cheaper than my beloved Smashbox. Definitely something I’d consider trying again.


I’m all moved into the new place now, and have internet, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish my makeup cull soon and this can go back to being a ‘sometimes’ beauty blog.


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