The Great Makeup Cull, Part 2.1: Eyes (color)

Part one

Oof. I have A LOT of eye stuff. Way more than I realized… there were a couple of “ohhh yeahhhhh, I own that!” moments in this round. Excluded are my Shiro Eyeshadows. They’re all under a year old, there’s a lot of them in little sample baggies, and I’ve talked about them before. They are also all fabulous colors. AND they’ve gone through some recent site updates, so check them out!


First on the chopping block… y’all are REALLY going to roll your eyes at me for this one. Not only did I get it at the very beginning of my time in Korea (three years ago), it belonged to a friend who was heading back to the states and she gave to me. So, three years old, came to me already used. And I have to stick my finger in it every time I want to use it. I’m so sorry everyone, I am a makeup blasphemer.

It’s an awesome product though. From The Face Shop, it’s called ‘Eye Proud’ and it’s fabulous at covering up my dark under-eye circles. Smooth, great coverage, lasts all day, and doesn’t show through my foundation. I would tell you to run out and buy it right now, but I can’t find it on there site anymore. So I’ll just have to be glad I decided to continue hoarding mine because I’m not ready to deal with finding a replacement.


Discontinued? Not fair!

Then there are two eyeshadow palettes I bought at Walgreens my sophomore year of college (2008ish?), when I was first starting to explore makeup… and these were either buy one get one or something along those lines. I don’t even know what the colors are anymore. From Jane Cosmetics, these are my go-to morning palettes. Ok, so basically I just smudge the gray/silver on real quick each morning before work because I’m tired and lazy and my hour-long commute is of the devil. It lasts really well through out the day, especially since I am prone to rubbing my eyes a lot and rarely bother with primer in the morning (when I do use primer, I use the Bare Minerals lid primer). Now, the Jane stuff I have is two small palettes with four colors each (the grey/silver is on both). Their website proper does not show ANY palettes for sale in their eye section, just individual colors. I don’t know if that means I, once again, own an old as shit product that is discontinued or if there website only shows a limited line. I did find one of the ones I have for sale on ebay!


Prom Queen Pink? I don’t remember the name Blue? The white is Bone!

Like I said, the colors are nice and long lasting, but they are light. These aren’t heavily pigmented. It works for some looks, not for others. And “Hi Ho Silver” is great at looking like you tried when really you didn’t.


Hi Ho Silver, Bone, Dark Blue, Lighter Blue, Perfection, Prom Queen, Coolest Pink. My first attempt at swatching!

Maybelline! They make my go-to lipstick (more on that in part 3), but I only own two of their eyeshadows, one shimmery black called “night sky” (240) and a two-tone green palette called “sea glass” (55… if the numbers mean anything to you). I do not know how long I have had these. I had them IN Korea, though I know I didn’t get them there… I did think I had left them there but clearly I did not… just at the bottom of my makeup bag, unworn. I’d date them around 2010 or a little earlier. The duo is meant for shading/blending but I usually just wear them solo. Both sets are decent colors, not the best wear/application but not the worst… I just have similar colors that I think are better quality. 


Night Sky


Sea Glass + Swatch. I am not very good at this.

Also in the depths of my ‘forgot I had that’ makeup bag… CoverGirl Tropical Fusion “eye enhancers.” I know they were purchased around the same time as the Maybelline eyeshadows. I’m not so sure that I have ever worn them, honestly, though it is opened. I swatched the colors though and damn, that pigment! It did seem a little crumbly though. Not sure how it wears, but they are pretty! They make me think of parrots.


Colors achieved with one swipe


So what did I do with the forgotten, unworn shadows? I kept all of them because OMG I CAN’T THROW AWAY SOMETHING I’VE BARELY USED!!! I am a horrible person. I also own two CoverGirl ‘smoky shadow blasts.’ Remember? They were cream sticks (double ended) intended to give you the perfect smoky eye (they still appear on the Blast Collection page, but the link appears dead?)? Never figured out how exactly they work but I have a copper and a silver/black. I remember them creasing like mofos, but never tried them with a primed lid. I am still staring at them, especially the silver/black one that is looking seriously worse for wear. I just need to toss them.

Other things that I did not cull included my four Bare Mineral powder eye shadows. They are just too nice, and they’re still all dry and dandy, despite being from 2010 (all of them). They were my first quality eyeshadows! And sure, I’ve moved more towards the indie scene for my loose shadow powders but that doesn’t mean I’m going to throw away mostly full jars!


From top to bottom: Queen Phyllis, Summer, Pacific Heights, 1990s

There is also a blush/shadow from a brand called Muse. I cannot find the ACTUAL brand on the internet, just other real companies giving that name to palettes. I bought this one in 2010 (a great year for me and the eyeshadow industry) because I needed something cheap to push me over GoJane’s free shipping threshold. They appear to be partnered with NYX now. I was going to keep this palette because sparkles!! Even though it took several swipes to get a good swatch. Now knowing how no name and unfindable it is… Let’s stick it in the “maybe” pile.


If I could snap off the blush half and toss that I would without question… just not something I use. Also, this stuff is very crumbly.


The two blushes, then the shadows, all after about three swipes.

I will leave this post about the eyes (well, their colors… liners will be next!) with something I DID manage to throw away. Some of my first makeup, from one of those no name sets that are everywhere around Christmas, this has been free floating unwrapped in my makeup bag since… I went to my senior prom (2006). And it was so impossibly hard I couldn’t even get pigment on my brush to swipe a sample. The whitish cream was the only color that I could pick up any pigment. That one was nice. But I have more, I have better, I can’t justify keep a whole unenclosed tray hanging around. To the trashcan!


A naked palette, but not THE Naked Palette.

2 Days, 2 trashed items… do I count as a lost cause yet?


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