The Great Make-Up Cull, Part 1: Face

Wow. So moving takes a lot out of you. That’s why I’m doing it again this weekend! In all joyous news, I’m back in the Northeast, I now have a job I love in an archive, and this weekend Manbeast and I  will relocate to our new apartment. Then I am busy with weddings and showers and family parties until the end of summer. It has been CRAZY, and I miss posting! So rather than just talk about silly words, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. We’re going to take a look inside my make-up bag(s). This should also serve to horrify everyone by exposing my hoarding to the outside world.

As we should all know by now, make-up has an expiration date. I know this, logically, and yet… I don’t throw things out because I feel compelled to finish them! So far I’ve been lucky and had no adverse affects, which is probably 100% fluke. But I am moving, so this should be a good time to cull my collection… and try out photographing swatches! Bear with me, this is a learning experience, and I’m far from a beauty expert, but I think this should be fun. Onward to pictures!


So, we’ll start with my face primer. It is still my one true love, the baby cloud juice that is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Alas, my container is almost out… good thing I jumped on the Ulta “Try It Kit” sale and have more coming my way! I needed a new black eyeliner AND new primer so that kit was a great deal, it will be exciting to try their lid primer and lip gloss (even though I’m not a lip gloss person). The only thing I won’t use is the mascara… people always tell me I have beautiful, perfect lashes already. That’s not why I don’t use mascara. I don’t use mascara because when I was ten and playing with my grandmother’s makeup I stabbed myself in the eye with her mascara wand and that will go down in history as one of the most painful things I have ever done to myself. I bought my 1 oz…. jar? of the primer in 2010, right before my college graduation and am just now getting down to the last drops. I believe they’ve changed packaging designs, but the old designs made it perfect to get just the right amount, see how much was left, and not waste/contaminate your primer.


The remnants of the first expensive beauty product I ever purchased

Next were my two compacts.

One I absolutely adore. I bought it early 2011, but hoarded it away and didn’t open it until late last year… and I still have another one in its packaging. It’s my Face it! Oil Cut Powder Pact by The Face Shop… and here’s where we meet my dilemma. Apparently The Face Shop is an international store, but, like several stores, I did all my shopping there when I lived in Korea. I had some problems finding matching skintones for products like this when I lived in Korea… I’m very pale but also very… pinky white in my undertones. I have a hard time matching any kind of make up. This stuff was a decent color for my pasty skin tone and also SERIOUSLY cut down on shine/that oily feeling… basically it worked as advertised. I love it and am glad I stocked up… I had to throw out the sponge pad that came with it because that got pretty foul pretty fast, but that’s fine, the makeup doesn’t smell bad at all. I love this stuff.


My much loved compact

I also have a Essence mattifying compact in a color that is almost too light, even for my pale butt. I got this in 2013. A friend bought it to do his makeup for a drag show, and then gave it to me because well… I was the palest person in the room. I almost never use it and yet… I can’t bring myself to throw it away. That’s going to be a trend, I can feel it. I don’t think the coverage/oil control is as good as Face It.


Merely adequate

Aha! We have our first casualty. I’m not sure if this stuff ever ACTUALLY worked, but i was still pretty early into high school the last time I even saw an Avon catalog so I don’t even know how old this shit is. In fact, it doesn’t even appear that Avon has the product anymore (though it was once part of their Clearskin line). It’s been floating around, empty, in my make up bag… get thee to the trashcan zit wand!


it’s really gross how long I kept this


Ok… so 1 out of 4 in the trash. That’s… probably not so great. Next we’ll look at my eye stuff, see what we have there!


3 thoughts on “The Great Make-Up Cull, Part 1: Face

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