Shape Matters!

Meant to put this with my last post, but forgot. Smashbox gave us a handy video to determine our eye shape, and it’s definitely the most comprehensive one I’ve come across.


The Great Makeup Cull: 2.2 Eyeliner

All I really want right now is some time to be sedentary and not constantly embarking on hour plus obligation trips. I want a lazy day sleeping in late with my man and my cat, and I want to be able to devote more time to my fiction without feeling like I’m neglecting “real life” things. Things like the current grad school applications I am floundering to fill out (I will get into library school, I will!). Anywhoodles we’ve got two more parts to go in my makeup cull series, I should have some new fancies arriving soon, and I don’t want this to turn into a strictly beauty blog and I’ve got posts I want to do about Modelland, my new job, some games I’ve been playing, I’ve got some shit to muse over from Game of Thrones, and weddings..

Eyeliner and I have a complicated relationship. Makeup in general and I have a complicated relationship and that’s something I’d like to explore in another post too. Eyeliner was something I wanted when I saw it on other people. It looked great so frequently! But when I tried it on I kinda looked a little like Gerard from My Chemical Romance during the Revenge era and while his use of eyeliner made my little teen heart pitter-patter it did not translate well onto me. I was also always frustrated with my inability to get it off my face following the rare wearings (relevant and worth noting: I did theater, so I wore a lot of makeup in the context of a stage). It was finally in college I decided to give eyeliner another go and decided I could make it work. Shortly after that discovery I read an article in Cosmo talking about the trend of colored eyeliner and that just thrilled me to no end so I rushed right out and bought some Rimmel London eyeliner in “jungle green.” I still have it, still wear it, it swatches like this:


Then, I bought this blue eyeliner from CoverGirl (it’s discontinued whatever it is)


Because blue is my favorite color but it didn’t work. Like there’s no swatch because it never left any color behind. So I did the obvious thing and stuffed it in my makeup bag and forgot about it until now when I FINALLY threw it in the trash.

At the same time, I bought some loose kohl eyeliner in a burgundy (?) color from L’Oreal Paris and that’s another one I still have and absolutely adore the look it gives me (even though it also seems to be discontinued), however it is terrifyingly easy to get the pigment on your eyeball, and then you just have to watch it float there.ImageSo we are at the point in my timeline where I move to Korea, and we all know some of my favorite products were discovered in Korea. one of the first things I discovered were gel eyeliners (which I hadn’t heard anything about in the states at that point, though now obviously they are everywhere). I immediately bought a deep deep black and a navy blue from Nature Republic. Despite loving them I didn’t use them very frequently out of fear I wouldn’t be able to replace them, and alas the black dried out without even being half used =( the blue however is still fine and I’ve been making more of a point to use it frequently. ImageNature Republic also supplied me with an excellent black stick liner (that I used up, and I promise I didn’t keep the empty tube!) and a nice twist up brown stick. Still have the brown even though it’s four years old because I have a problem.

I have two other liners from Korea, a sparkly gold and sparkly blue. The blue is from Etude House and is appropriately called a jewelry pencil (I believe it was from a line done in conjunction with KPop group 2NE1). It swatches decent but barely shows up on my actual lids. I kept it to play around with more

. ImageThe other eyeliner is from a store who’s name I never really learned, but it was like a Korean equivalent of Ulta/Sephora. The gold really doesn’t show up at all on my eyes but it’s a barely used liner stick! I really need to bite the bullet on some of these and just get rid of them


If you were paying close attention you probably noticed I no longer have any black eyeliner. No pictures or swatches for these ones, but two new acquisitions have been made. You may remember me mentioning the Try It kit from my beloved Smashbox. That came with a sample size of their Limitless eyeliner in Onyx. It of course applies fantastically and has a great color and blahblah I’m a documented Smashbox fangirl and no one can take that away from me. It’s an awfully smudgy eyeliner though… perhaps a little too smudgy. My quest to perfect the winged eyeliner lead me to the liquid eyeliner section of Sephora recently, a place I have never dared venture before. I ended up with Kat Von D’s,over Stila’s because the brush tip felt like a safer choice than the felt tip. It seems to be a nice liquid liner. I haven’t really worn it yet, just played around in the comfort of my own apartment, but it looks and feels pretty good so I’m optimistic. I haven’t bought it yet (and I probably shouldn’t because I’m poor) but I’m lusting after this blue Mary Kay at Play liner despite some feelings about Mary Kay I’ll get to in the lipstick post (The “have to have it” feeling came after seeing it in this post by another blogger). I love eyeliners a lot, and I’m more than a little amused that this was the area I’ve had the most success culling, even if there are some I really need to stop clinging to. 


4 years

I’ll stop interrupting my scheduled posts soon. I promise. Right now, I need to get sentimental.


Tomorrow is the four year anniversary of Manbeast and myself stumbling into an awkward relationship that ended up all “twoo wuv.” Making it the longest relationship I’ll have ever been in.

The relationship prior to Manbeast ended four months shy of four years. I still mark that anniversary (April 4th because damn, the number four…). Usually with a shot of something strong and an immense sense of gratitude and relief. See, previously my dude was what the awesome folks over at Captain Awkward would call a Darth. It was almost four years of emotional and sexual abuse that ended almost as quickly as it started.

And I paid it no mind to what would happen if I ever got into a relationship again, until Manbeast and I were already knee-deep in our awkward love affair and I knew that I could either come clean and risk him bailing or bail myself.

I think you can guess which one I chose. And I think you can extrapolate that it was a good decision.

Four pretty awesome years across four (ugh, again. I did not catch on to that number’s pattern…) states, four apartments, countless phone calls and skype chats and major life upheavals.

If you knew my story word for word, had all of my history/would you come along with someone like me?

I would go along with someone like you


Mini Irreverent Reviews: LORAC Porefection Mattifying Primer

Today I was supposed to drive to NY and attend my Very Best Friend’s bridal shower. I got up early with a raging headache, crawled to the shower, shaved my legs, removed from the shower feeling a little bit better, put on my fancy Raspberry Iced Tea dress, smeared some of my sample LORAC Porefection (haha) mattifying face primer. Then the headache came back with full force, I hit the deck dry heaving, and I’ve been laid up in bed all day sipping gingerale, popping advil (so much advil) and keeping my eyes closed. Now I’m finally feeling like I could go outside and explore the world and it’s 5pm. I’m still in my dress.

So why am I reviewing this stuff? I didn’t get to wear it outside, I only got about half my face actually covered in foundation before I realized ‘being a supportive friend’ was a lost cause.

Well, I received a sample in my last ulta ordered and before I knew today was a bust I’d figured I’d try it.

When it squeezed out of the pouch it was weird and gooey and I was very nervous about rubbing it on my (super oily) face. There was also a ton in that little pouch, so perhaps I’ll get the chance to try it again because my face simply did not have enough area to use it all up.

It rubbed on very well, what little of it got makeup applied seemed to take it well (wooo Face Shop Oil Cut). The reason I’m so impressed is because I went back to bed. And sure, a lot of that time was just lying awake with my eyes closed moaning that I’d feel better any second, but I tend to sweat in my sleep, especially when I nap. My face still feels fresh and oil free, like I just applied the stuff. At $32 dollars for 1.7 ounces it’s cheaper than my beloved Smashbox. Definitely something I’d consider trying again.


I’m all moved into the new place now, and have internet, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish my makeup cull soon and this can go back to being a ‘sometimes’ beauty blog.

The Great Makeup Cull, Part 2.1: Eyes (color)

Part one

Oof. I have A LOT of eye stuff. Way more than I realized… there were a couple of “ohhh yeahhhhh, I own that!” moments in this round. Excluded are my Shiro Eyeshadows. They’re all under a year old, there’s a lot of them in little sample baggies, and I’ve talked about them before. They are also all fabulous colors. AND they’ve gone through some recent site updates, so check them out!


First on the chopping block… y’all are REALLY going to roll your eyes at me for this one. Not only did I get it at the very beginning of my time in Korea (three years ago), it belonged to a friend who was heading back to the states and she gave to me. So, three years old, came to me already used. And I have to stick my finger in it every time I want to use it. I’m so sorry everyone, I am a makeup blasphemer.

It’s an awesome product though. From The Face Shop, it’s called ‘Eye Proud’ and it’s fabulous at covering up my dark under-eye circles. Smooth, great coverage, lasts all day, and doesn’t show through my foundation. I would tell you to run out and buy it right now, but I can’t find it on there site anymore. So I’ll just have to be glad I decided to continue hoarding mine because I’m not ready to deal with finding a replacement.


Discontinued? Not fair!

Then there are two eyeshadow palettes I bought at Walgreens my sophomore year of college (2008ish?), when I was first starting to explore makeup… and these were either buy one get one or something along those lines. I don’t even know what the colors are anymore. From Jane Cosmetics, these are my go-to morning palettes. Ok, so basically I just smudge the gray/silver on real quick each morning before work because I’m tired and lazy and my hour-long commute is of the devil. It lasts really well through out the day, especially since I am prone to rubbing my eyes a lot and rarely bother with primer in the morning (when I do use primer, I use the Bare Minerals lid primer). Now, the Jane stuff I have is two small palettes with four colors each (the grey/silver is on both). Their website proper does not show ANY palettes for sale in their eye section, just individual colors. I don’t know if that means I, once again, own an old as shit product that is discontinued or if there website only shows a limited line. I did find one of the ones I have for sale on ebay!


Prom Queen Pink? I don’t remember the name Blue? The white is Bone!

Like I said, the colors are nice and long lasting, but they are light. These aren’t heavily pigmented. It works for some looks, not for others. And “Hi Ho Silver” is great at looking like you tried when really you didn’t.


Hi Ho Silver, Bone, Dark Blue, Lighter Blue, Perfection, Prom Queen, Coolest Pink. My first attempt at swatching!

Maybelline! They make my go-to lipstick (more on that in part 3), but I only own two of their eyeshadows, one shimmery black called “night sky” (240) and a two-tone green palette called “sea glass” (55… if the numbers mean anything to you). I do not know how long I have had these. I had them IN Korea, though I know I didn’t get them there… I did think I had left them there but clearly I did not… just at the bottom of my makeup bag, unworn. I’d date them around 2010 or a little earlier. The duo is meant for shading/blending but I usually just wear them solo. Both sets are decent colors, not the best wear/application but not the worst… I just have similar colors that I think are better quality. 


Night Sky


Sea Glass + Swatch. I am not very good at this.

Also in the depths of my ‘forgot I had that’ makeup bag… CoverGirl Tropical Fusion “eye enhancers.” I know they were purchased around the same time as the Maybelline eyeshadows. I’m not so sure that I have ever worn them, honestly, though it is opened. I swatched the colors though and damn, that pigment! It did seem a little crumbly though. Not sure how it wears, but they are pretty! They make me think of parrots.


Colors achieved with one swipe


So what did I do with the forgotten, unworn shadows? I kept all of them because OMG I CAN’T THROW AWAY SOMETHING I’VE BARELY USED!!! I am a horrible person. I also own two CoverGirl ‘smoky shadow blasts.’ Remember? They were cream sticks (double ended) intended to give you the perfect smoky eye (they still appear on the Blast Collection page, but the link appears dead?)? Never figured out how exactly they work but I have a copper and a silver/black. I remember them creasing like mofos, but never tried them with a primed lid. I am still staring at them, especially the silver/black one that is looking seriously worse for wear. I just need to toss them.

Other things that I did not cull included my four Bare Mineral powder eye shadows. They are just too nice, and they’re still all dry and dandy, despite being from 2010 (all of them). They were my first quality eyeshadows! And sure, I’ve moved more towards the indie scene for my loose shadow powders but that doesn’t mean I’m going to throw away mostly full jars!


From top to bottom: Queen Phyllis, Summer, Pacific Heights, 1990s

There is also a blush/shadow from a brand called Muse. I cannot find the ACTUAL brand on the internet, just other real companies giving that name to palettes. I bought this one in 2010 (a great year for me and the eyeshadow industry) because I needed something cheap to push me over GoJane’s free shipping threshold. They appear to be partnered with NYX now. I was going to keep this palette because sparkles!! Even though it took several swipes to get a good swatch. Now knowing how no name and unfindable it is… Let’s stick it in the “maybe” pile.


If I could snap off the blush half and toss that I would without question… just not something I use. Also, this stuff is very crumbly.


The two blushes, then the shadows, all after about three swipes.

I will leave this post about the eyes (well, their colors… liners will be next!) with something I DID manage to throw away. Some of my first makeup, from one of those no name sets that are everywhere around Christmas, this has been free floating unwrapped in my makeup bag since… I went to my senior prom (2006). And it was so impossibly hard I couldn’t even get pigment on my brush to swipe a sample. The whitish cream was the only color that I could pick up any pigment. That one was nice. But I have more, I have better, I can’t justify keep a whole unenclosed tray hanging around. To the trashcan!


A naked palette, but not THE Naked Palette.

2 Days, 2 trashed items… do I count as a lost cause yet?

The Great Make-Up Cull, Part 1: Face

Wow. So moving takes a lot out of you. That’s why I’m doing it again this weekend! In all joyous news, I’m back in the Northeast, I now have a job I love in an archive, and this weekend Manbeast and I  will relocate to our new apartment. Then I am busy with weddings and showers and family parties until the end of summer. It has been CRAZY, and I miss posting! So rather than just talk about silly words, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. We’re going to take a look inside my make-up bag(s). This should also serve to horrify everyone by exposing my hoarding to the outside world.

As we should all know by now, make-up has an expiration date. I know this, logically, and yet… I don’t throw things out because I feel compelled to finish them! So far I’ve been lucky and had no adverse affects, which is probably 100% fluke. But I am moving, so this should be a good time to cull my collection… and try out photographing swatches! Bear with me, this is a learning experience, and I’m far from a beauty expert, but I think this should be fun. Onward to pictures!


So, we’ll start with my face primer. It is still my one true love, the baby cloud juice that is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Alas, my container is almost out… good thing I jumped on the Ulta “Try It Kit” sale and have more coming my way! I needed a new black eyeliner AND new primer so that kit was a great deal, it will be exciting to try their lid primer and lip gloss (even though I’m not a lip gloss person). The only thing I won’t use is the mascara… people always tell me I have beautiful, perfect lashes already. That’s not why I don’t use mascara. I don’t use mascara because when I was ten and playing with my grandmother’s makeup I stabbed myself in the eye with her mascara wand and that will go down in history as one of the most painful things I have ever done to myself. I bought my 1 oz…. jar? of the primer in 2010, right before my college graduation and am just now getting down to the last drops. I believe they’ve changed packaging designs, but the old designs made it perfect to get just the right amount, see how much was left, and not waste/contaminate your primer.


The remnants of the first expensive beauty product I ever purchased

Next were my two compacts.

One I absolutely adore. I bought it early 2011, but hoarded it away and didn’t open it until late last year… and I still have another one in its packaging. It’s my Face it! Oil Cut Powder Pact by The Face Shop… and here’s where we meet my dilemma. Apparently The Face Shop is an international store, but, like several stores, I did all my shopping there when I lived in Korea. I had some problems finding matching skintones for products like this when I lived in Korea… I’m very pale but also very… pinky white in my undertones. I have a hard time matching any kind of make up. This stuff was a decent color for my pasty skin tone and also SERIOUSLY cut down on shine/that oily feeling… basically it worked as advertised. I love it and am glad I stocked up… I had to throw out the sponge pad that came with it because that got pretty foul pretty fast, but that’s fine, the makeup doesn’t smell bad at all. I love this stuff.


My much loved compact

I also have a Essence mattifying compact in a color that is almost too light, even for my pale butt. I got this in 2013. A friend bought it to do his makeup for a drag show, and then gave it to me because well… I was the palest person in the room. I almost never use it and yet… I can’t bring myself to throw it away. That’s going to be a trend, I can feel it. I don’t think the coverage/oil control is as good as Face It.


Merely adequate

Aha! We have our first casualty. I’m not sure if this stuff ever ACTUALLY worked, but i was still pretty early into high school the last time I even saw an Avon catalog so I don’t even know how old this shit is. In fact, it doesn’t even appear that Avon has the product anymore (though it was once part of their Clearskin line). It’s been floating around, empty, in my make up bag… get thee to the trashcan zit wand!


it’s really gross how long I kept this


Ok… so 1 out of 4 in the trash. That’s… probably not so great. Next we’ll look at my eye stuff, see what we have there!