So, You’re Pro-Life:

I hope you realize that unsafe and illegal abortions can maim and kill women.

I hope you realize that in countries where abortions are illegal, they are still performed in far more dangerous conditions.

I hope you realize that clinics like Planned Parenthood provide health care, such as pap smears and mammograms, to low-income women who might otherwise not be able to see a doctor.

I hope you are working hard to get all kinds of sex education taught to the public, including abstinence as a valid choice, but not limited to abstinence as the only choice. When people know how to correctly use contraceptives, they are less likely to have the unwanted pregnancies that end in abortion.

I hope you are working hard to establish social programs that will help low-income families receive the support they need to have healthy pregnancies, and to support their children after they are born.

In fact, I hope you are championing for an inclusive health care system, which covers all people, and covers reproductive health and contraceptives.

I hope you respect the current, ongoing, important, and valuable life of the woman who has an unwanted pregnancy and has no desire to be pregnant.

I hope you’re fighting to end the rape culture we live in that blames victims, that says they deserve to get pregnant and shouldn’t have a choice but to keep that child. I hope you’re empowering our men so that they know to respect boundaries, that they know to respect women, and that you’re empowering our women so that they know they can say no, and are never obligated to have sex with someone they don’t want to.

I hope you’re also working with survivors of domestic abuse, helping them leave relationships where pregnancy might be used as a means of control.

I hope you’re not spouting racist statistics that unfairly claim certain communities have higher instances of abortions.

I hope you are aware that wanting a baby, and trying to have a baby, and then having to abort that pregnancy due to unforeseen problems, like the pregnancy threatening to kill you, is an absolutely devastating thing that shouldn’t be judged with slurs and picketers.

I hope you’re willing to help and support the lives of those who are already born- babies, children and grown-ups- and aren’t relegating them to second-class citizens.

I hope you’re working hard to make sure that every family that wants their children has the means to support them, so that the children do not have to be put up for adoption.

I hope you’re aware of how many children are in the US foster system, and how hard it is for a child that is special needs, or a child that is not white, or a child that is older, to get adopted.

I hope you are willing to consider adoption as a means to grow your family, or at least, being a supportive foster parent.

And even if you’re unable to do that, I hope you’re willing to advocate for those already born children, to make sure the homes they are in have the means to feed them, clothe them, and buy them school supplies, and that they are being loved and respected and allowed to grow and flourish and not just shuffled around like an object.

I hope you know that abortion will never, ever truly be 100% eradicated, and I hope you know that access to safe, legal abortions is necessary, and the number of abortions can be best reduced through supporting and empowering women and families.


Adopt US Kids

Planned Parenthood- some women’s only source for any sexual/reproductive health care

A very special thanks to my very best friend for contributing to and helping to edit this post. Uteruses before Duderuses.


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