I Didn’t Go to Brown but…

As a sullen teenager I strongly identified with the apathetic snark of Wonderfalls Jaye Tyler. The show aired after my strictly enforced bedtime, but I did manage to record a few episodes (using a VCR with a timer, and a VHS tape… I don’t know if DVRs were a thing at this point in time, but they were definitely a thing that I didn’t have).

I keep coming back to Wonderfalls and meaning to rewatch it. In part it’s because I’m adoring Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal on NBC, but also because I feel an even stronger sense of kinship to Jaye now that I too am “over-educated and underemployed.”

I applied for a decently paying job that falls marginally into my field and that I really want. However, I initially forgot to submit part of my application. I felt that my cover letter and the answers to the supplemental questions were good, and that I could probably get an interview for this. Now I’m positive I blew it. It was a desk job too… I have raging patellar tendinitis and a job where I get to sit sounds pretty fabulous at this point.

I received a .25 cent raise at the grocery store. I still can’t afford to buy groceries, and I still feel like a failure that with my BA I can’t get a job where I make a dollar more than minimum wage, can’t get an interview, can’t get steady hours.

Can’t stop being over-educated and underemployed.


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