Bad Music

Brad Paisley‘s ‘Accidental Racist‘ has been getting a lot of buzz for being accidentally racist, and also a boring and terrible song. Here, Todd in the Shadows and The Rap Critic have at it and tell you everything you need to know:

[ width=”720″ height=”433″]

Here is a link to the review page in the event I cannot get the embed to work.

Now, I will not defend ‘Accidental Racist,’ because I too think that it is a terrible song, but to call it the worst song ever? Did we all collectively forget ‘Call Me Maybe?’ (I’m OK with not counting ‘Friday‘ because it was a young girl’s vanity project and not something a real label did) I put forth for your consideration too songs that I think are worse than ‘Accidental Racist.’ Neither are racist (accidentally or otherwise), but one is terribly misogynistic, and the other one is musically worse than any of the songs I’ve mentioned so far in this post.

Maybe your lady friends make excuses not to hang out with you cuz you’re a Grossy McGrossPants? Just a thought.

ILLBEHABBYBABBYBOO. This is just a found song, directly taking lines from bands like Train and putting them together into something that sucks. When I first heard it, I thought it was Eminem on my alt rock station. That is a bad thing you know.


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