New Years Resoluthings

I stopped doing true New Years Resolutions before I was even in 6th grade, when I realized just about nobody kept them. This year however, I have some general life goals I’d  like to work on or towards this year.

The first one is to eat better, which given how crap Partner and I have been eating, should be fairly achievable. We want to start cooking more from scratch instead of relying on things like hamburger helper. We want more fruits and veggies, more lean proteins, and less carbs (but not no carbs… we love carbs too much to set them free). I also want to use my crockpot more, because it makes delicious things, and I love being able to throw a bunch of ingredients into it, and then go about my day.

That leads into my second goal, which is to shop smarter. I am so bad in grocery stores, I hate them and they make me freeze up, then I just sort of buy whatever, and that doesn’t really work out so well in the long run. We’re going to start trying to plan all our meals for the upcoming week so that we can then map out the things we need to buy and the things we already have. We need to work out a smart prep plan to go with this, because most nights I get home from work and don’t feel like cooking, and Partner is often busy with school stuff. Either way, we’re both committed to the idea of eating healthier and agree that we’d save a lot of money by shopping smarter. I’ve been looking at recipes pinterest and in some of the cookbooks I have, and hopefully we’ll be able to start this week. Tonight’s dinner is slow cooker Chicken Parisienne and tomorrow night is slow cooker Beer Cheese Soup.

Related to money is my desire to find a real job. I really want to reach a point this year where I’m financially stable. I also want to get a job that makes me feel like my undergraduate education was worth it, and working at a grocery store fits neither of those bills… hell, it barely fits the bills I have to pay each month. I’ve applied for one (which I should hear about by the end of the month) and found another one that I’m beginning the application for. I’ll keep looking, even if those don’t pan out, because it’s really important to me that I get a job that A)Uses my skills, and B)Helps set me and my uh, family(?) up for a future where we aren’t living paycheck to paycheck.

I also want to keep up on my cleaning more, so it doesn’t end up all piled on top of me, and I set a Goodreads goal of 100 books read in 2013. So far I’ve read ten and am about halfway through #11 (NW by Zadie Smith).

It’s not much, but I’ll have a better chance of accomplishing things that way


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