Poached Chicken, Drunken Broccoli

I’m going to share what I made for dinner tonight, because I’m sure you care. Also, it’s delicious, but more important, super easy.

Here’s what you need:

Chicken Breasts (I used boneless skinless Tyson pre-trimmed fingers)

Broccoli (I used two crowns)

Pasta (I used angel hair)

White wine, butter, and whatever herbs and spices you want (I used salt, pepper, herbs de provence, garlic powder, and olive oil, which I know is not technically a spice or herb).

Cut you chicken, put it in a saucepan, and boil til it’s not pink. I used Better Homes and Gardens as a guideline that I could in fact boil chicken to cook it. I followed the “cover with water and boil” part of the instructions and mostly skimmed. I put some salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, and herbs de provence into the chicken water, to help with flavor.

Once that had boiled I added my broccoli pieces, white wine, butter, and some garlic powder into a big frying pan and sauteed them.

Then I added my angel hair pasta and more water to the chicken pot, boiled that, and cooked it for about 6 more minutes while the broccoli in the other pan got all tender.

When everything was a satisfactory degree of cooked I drained the water off the chicken/pasta and added the broccoli/wine/butter all together into the sauce pan, and mixed. It was a super pain to get out of the pot, but turned out really well. Partner thought the chicken was a little dry cuz of the wine, but it was moister than when I try to sautee it with the wine.

Measurement wise just add to taste/how many people you’re going to have eating. I was able to get some leftovers out of this meal, which is awesome because it means free lunch.


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