Wishful Thinking

I’m attempting to write a letter of interest for the job I’m apply for, the real, career-oriented, non-grocery store job I’m applying for. A job I really want.

I’m coming up short on ways to make myself sound awesome and competent but not desperate and self absorbed.

My cat is laying on my one arm, making typing in general difficult.

I keep getting distracted by thinking what I would do with the kind of financial stability this job would offer me. Not think so much of frivolous things like clothes and shoes (though I’d love to have the extra money that buying those could be a reality). Instead I’m thinking about things like buying plane tickets to see my grandmother for her birthday, buying awesome baby presents for some friends who recently found out they’re pregnant, buying an awesome wedding gift for a friend who recently got engaged. Buying a vaccum cleaner and a bin I can use for recycling! Having the money to start shopping at the locally owned grocery store, instead of at Wal-mart, organic veggies for my food snob guinea pig, natural gluten-free cat food for my cat with allergies. A couch (or at least a second chair so that one of us doesn’t have to sit on the floor!). The opportunity to work at a job that will give me real, career experience that will help me to break into the field I want to work in (archiving/records management).

It really is the little things I get excited thinking about, but if I don’t buckle down and finish this letter, I have no chance of getting this job, and that would be very bad.


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