Irreverant Reviews: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

(If this post ultimately reads like it was typed with my butt… well, it wasn’t, but a feline butt was pretty adamant to help. Also, claws.)

I have opinions! Surprise, surprise! I don’t actually get paid or solicited to review anything (as of this moment, blog has NO FOLLOWERS and an incredibly inconsistent update history) but well, my opinions are valid and I’ve given makeup/fashion advice to people before. Mainly my best friend and my mother. I’m by no means an expert, I don’t really have any tips or tricks, but there are products that I know and love and so I’d like to take some time to make a feature in which I talk about some of those things I adore.

The first is something that is painfully pricey (especially on my salary!) but last a long time if used sparingly, and I cannot get enough of it. It’s Smashbox’ Photo Finish Primer (Light). Smashbox is a well received company and this is a well-rated product already but I cannot get enough of this product. It is like a rubbing a baby cloud on your face. I have extremely oily skin, and the oilyness only gets worse if I don’t moisturize my face properly. That’s what is so amazing about this stuff. This particular kind is oil-free and actually manages to balance my skin so perfectly that I can go out and dance and party and SWEAT and my face won’t get that gross oily sheen/feel. It’s a serious miracle product and I wish I could afford to use it all the time instead of just budgeting it to special occasions. In addition to helping control my skin, it also makes my foundation go on smoother and last longer. My make-up generally looks better after I prime with Smashbox than if I use one of my regular (cheaper) moisturizers and my skin feels better too. At almost $40 for an ounce it’s… extravagant, especially for me, but I’ve had my tube of it for about three years now and it’s still going strong (a little bit goes a long way) and I love it enough that I will absolutely have to replace it when I finally run out (hopefully I have a better-paying job by then!). I’m wearing it right now, as it were (because going out with your boyfriend’s coworkers has come to represent a special occasion in my sad little life.) If you’re a make-up wearer (even casually) check out the other products in the line, as there should be something to match whatever skin problem (if any) you have, and if you can swing the price tag, buy this product.


2 thoughts on “Irreverant Reviews: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

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