Distilled Irreverence

While discussing my goal of attempting a Pinterest recipe, I told my roommate I often felt like a caricature of a real person. I’m pretty sure I am, and there are lots of reasons for that. Don’t worry, I’ll go there. Roomie described me as ‘The best parts of the internet distilled,” which actually means something coming from her, because she knows all about my internet usage, and it’s great to hear that I’m the good parts of the internet distilled, because it would have been just as valid of her to say “hey Pinterest may be stupid but at least it’s keeping you from making jokes about dolphin porn.” If you find this post because you are doing a Google search for dolphin porn, don’t tell me. Please.

The grand question here is: Why did I take my irreverence off Facebook and into WordPress? Because apparently using WordPress counts as a job skill. Meaning that if I figure out how to work this site, I am a more employable human being. Go figure. Apparently “pretending to be a fish on Tumblr” and “Posting Placebo songs with no context on Facebook” are not job skills. But WordPress is. So is event planning, and having an Associates Degree in office management, even though I have a BA in English and know how to do data entry and work a computer. I do just about everything but tweet. I refuse to tweet. I had a twitter for about a month and just could not do it. I didn’t even enjoy what other people were doing with it. Being my fabulous¬†irreverent self may not be the best way to get a job but A) I just got a job, that while totally not in any of my academic fields makes use of my time in retail, my bottomless pit of patience, and gives me badass benefits and B) actually there isn’t really a B). I’m just practicing being good at the internet. Because why not?


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